Article • March 3, 2015

The Philly POPS Music Director Michael Krajewski is internationally known as a masterful maestro. What you may not know is that he is also an accomplished travel photographer who has turned his hobby into a skill that is worthy of attention. During our April Epic Hollywood Soundtracks concert series, we are displaying his portfolio in Commonwealth Plaza at The Kimmel Center in a POP-up travel photography exhibit entitled, “On the Road: Photos by Philly POPS Music Director Michael Krajewski”.

The exhibit contains 11 images from Krajewski’s travels to Venice, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam, Kyoto, Tanzania and more. According to Krajewski, he has been working on this hobby for about five or six years, and it represents the perfect combination of his dual passions for travel and photography — each now enhanced by the other.

It was Philly POPS President Frank Giordano, who, after viewing Krajewski’s photographs, insisted that his work be shared with POPS audiences and all fans of travel photography. It took some convincing, however, to get Krajewski to agree to participate in this exhibit, as his photography was always intended for his personal pleasure, and he never dreamed he’d be sharing his work publicly.

Giordano explained enthusiastically, “I couldn’t believe how magnificent these photographs were and that Michael had this hidden talent. We know how skilled he is on the podium with a baton; we just didn’t know about his expertise on the road with a camera!”

Krajewski talked about his hobby and this unexpected exhibit. “I always had a camera and took snapshots like so many other people. And, I remember many times feeling disappointed when I’d see my pictures after they were developed. What changed for me was the advantage of digital photography and editing. I can now take millions of pictures. I get immediate feedback, and I can adjust the photos to bring out light and more details. I now see beauty all around me, through my lens. As I’m traveling, I’m looking for that perfect photo opp. I actually slow down and see so much beauty around me. And when I come home, I relive my trip through the photos again and again.”

You can view images from Michael’s POP-up photo exhibit below and see more selections on his website, michaelkrajewski.com. To purchase prints, please stop by the donor information table in the Kimmel Center lobby during any POPS concert series or email us at info@phillypops.org.