Press Release • July 23, 2019

Philadelphia, PA (July 23, 2019) — The Philly POPS will perform its first concert at The Met Philadelphia on August 5 in a one-night-only performance with GRAMMY award-winning vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sarah McLachlan. This concert is the first in The Philly POPS at the Met Philadelphia concert series.

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sarah achieved international fame with her multi-platinum album Surfacing, which includes tracks like “Building a Mystery” and “Angel,” the latter of which achieved meteoric success in commercials with the ASPCA. By 2009, she had sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

The POPS, under the direction of maestro Sean O’Loughlin, will perform some of Sarah’s signature hits, including, “Building a Mystery,” “Adia,” “I Will Remember You,” and “Angel.” This concert, in featuring an artist with roots in both pop and rock music, bridges the POPS’ 41-year focus on American popular music and its POPS Rocks brand.

In 2002, Sarah founded her non-profit organization, the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which provides top-quality music instruction at no cost, in a safe and nurturing environment, for at-risk and underserved children and youth. Since music provided McLachlan with the tools she needed to navigate the challenges she faced in her life, she recognized how important it is for every child to have those same opportunities and created the school. Her efforts parallel POPS in Schools, a program in which The Philly POPS provides supplemental music education to School District of Philadelphia schools. POPS in Schools gives students access to masterclasses, music lessons, and performance opportunities to help raise the next generation of music leaders in the city.

Tickets are now on sale, visit for details   

Tickets Start at $49.95.